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Connecticut at War

Connecticut at War

Friday, November 13, 2009 – Saturday, November 14, 2009

Connecticut State Library

Governor William A. O’Neill State Armory

Manchester Community College

The Association for the Study of Connecticut History, Connecticut Militia Heritage Committee, Connecticut State Library, and Manchester Community College are pleased to present a one and one- half day conference on the experiences of Connecticut people with wars, spanning more than 350 years. The meeting is being held at the Connecticut State Library and Governor William A. O’Neill State Armory on Friday, November 13, 2009 and Manchester Community College on Saturday, November 14, 2009.

The conference will begin on Friday, November 13 with an opening program featuring Tom Callinan, Connecticut’s “1st Official State Troubadour” and Kevin Johnson with his moving portrayal of a former slave, “Jordan Freeman: The Fight to Set a People Free.” It will be followed by tours, a keynote by David Corrigan on the 100th anniversary of the Governor William A. O’Neill State Armory, a plenary session on the Connecticut National Guard in Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom, and a reception at the Officers’ Club of Connecticut.

Researchers will be discussing a variety of war related topics from the 17th to the 21st centuries on the Saturday portion of the program at Manchester Community College. The presentations will reflect several perspectives, including those of academic scholars, graduate students, historical society personnel, independent historians, and participants. The program features sessions on 17th century warfare, the French and Indian War, the American Revolution, War of 1812, Civil War, World Wars I and II, Vietnam, Cold War, and 21st century conflicts. Some papers are autobiographical or biographical in focus, while others concern home front activities, wartime dissent, citizen soldiers, and veterans.

This conference is far reaching and expands beyond the bounds of anything previously attempted by any of the sponsoring organizations. It contains programs of interest to all Connecticut history enthusiasts and provides a unique opportunity for those interested in any aspect of wartime activity in this State to meet and discuss their common interests.

Conferences of this scope and magnitude are the result of the hard work of many people. Special thanks, however, are due to Connecticut State Librarian Kendall Wiggin, George W. Ripley III, chair of the Connecticut Militia Heritage Committee, and Manchester Community College and MCC President Dr. Gena Glickman for hosting and supporting this conference.

We are also extremely grateful to the Connecticut Humanities Council for its continued support of this and other ASCH programs.
Guocun Yang President, ASCH

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